About Us

Foundation AVA Creations is a Bulgarian NGO working actively in the field of European cooperation in education and training, including vocational training. It was established in 2016 with the main aim to support the development of businesses and communities through encouragement of innovation, creativity and vocational training.

Currently, one of the main priorities of the foundation is to put forward and implement project initiatives on local, national and EU level aiming at influencing the process of personal development and life-long learning. AVA strives to foster innovative approaches in all sectors through partners networking, sharing experience and engagement of all stakeholders.

Among AVA’s objectives are to encourage social, economic, cultural and educational co-operation on local, and national level. As well as to support common initiatives for improvement of the quality of life through education, transfer of knowledge, cultural exchange and social integration.

In order to accomplish the above mentioned objectives AVA experts work closely with multiple national and international partners including educational institutions, municipalities, NGOs and other legal and physical entities active in the field of VET.

AVA experts participate constantly in different national and international meetings, conferences, courses and seminars on the topic of VET development and enhancement, intercultural relations and communications, cultural co-operation and lifelong learning opportunities.

Thanks to its experts, AVA has good contacts with a variety of foreign partners, incl. educational institutions and universities, R&D centers, VET providers, NGOs, etc.