GreenTour project new Web page!

Dear travelers and people interested in sustainable green tourism,

we inform you that our GreenTour project web page is now registered and very soon will be full of interesting posts and information about green measures and advises for accessible travel options in order to promote social inclusion with green tourism possibilities for people with disabilities.

Stay tuned!

AVAs Team

Work4Future Project PR1 Abstract is here!

Download and learn more about the Work4Future Project Result 1 accomplished!

Work4Future training framework Abstract presents the main parameters and methodology used for the Work4future Training Framework coverage definition.

Based on the conducted research and surveys in all partnership countries – France, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, the Work4Future Training framework provides the basis for implementation and skeleton of the learning areas, instructions for minimum requirements and the necessary e-collaboration tools and manuals needed: Guide on team management & Guide for coaches, main results of the project . 

Work4Future Training Framework serves as a roadmap for the development of the Work4Future Training course methodology. You can request a full version of the Framework from the local Work4Future partner organisation. Please consider the Framework and this project result 1 document are available only in English.

Follow Work4Future project progress and recent updates:


AVAs Team

TAPROOM Final Products

Dear Beer Lovers, we are happy to announce the TAPROOM project outcomes are ready and finalised!

It is FREE. Register for the TAPROOM Training Course!

Enroll for the Online Training in Production and Marketing of Organic and Craft Beer in English, German, French, Italian or Bulgarian language:

Right after Free registration into the Platform, you will receive access to the Training Modules in 10 chapters.

You will receive free access to Manual for Trainers a guidebook for teacher and for the supporting organizations wishing to use the TAPROOM course. It provides trainers & consultants with both the theory necessary to apply the TAPROOM approach and the step-to-step guidance to carry out the training activities and platform navigation.

Despite of your role and occupation field, in case you are beer lover who wants to know more about beer making and its marketing contact us! We appreciate your active participation in the TAPROOM Training Course and AVAs Team can guide you during the training completion!

And Some More…

TAPROOM project was successfully implemented in Bulgaria and in 4 other countries: Malta, Belgium, Italy, Germany, countries with great beer traditions!

As next steps we will seek to promote beer as part of the art and intangible cultural heritage of the EU. You can do the same while undergoing this TAPROOM training! Thus, you can test and enrich your knowledge in Modules Quiz on Beer thematic!

Thank you for joining, we value your time, and you are amazing!

2023, AVA’s Team

EcoOils products at a Glance!

Dear aromatic plants and essential oils lovers, we are glad to share that the final versions of all developed EcoOils results are available! EcoOils multilingual training course in a form of 11 online Modules, organised in 5 chapters:

Chapter 1: Producing and transforming Aromatic Plants in Organic Agriculture

Chapter 2: How to market Organic Aromatic Pants (OAP) & (OEO) Organic Essential Oils

Chapter 3: Digital technology in the practice of OAP/OEO professionals today

Chapter 4: Territorial impact of OAP/OEO production

Chapter 5: Economical issues and business model for OAP/OEO

It is FREE. Register for the EcoOils Training Course!

Enroll for the EcoOils Training Course:

EcoOils YouTube Channel

We activate EcoOils YouTube channel with more than 30 videos! Check them out! There you will find interviews of professionals and practical video tutorials to offer learning content, information, knowledge and opportunities in more dynamic, interactive content.

EcoOils Tools

The Manual for trainers a guidebook for the trainers and for the supporting organizations wishing to use the EcoOils course. It provides trainers & consultants with both the theory necessary to apply the EcoOils approach and the step-to-step guidance to carry out the training activities in the virtual environment.

The Manual for Learners is meant to help learners use the online plaform, better understand the content of the course and organize their work easily.

Brochure at a Glance

Learn more about all undergone EcoOils activities and download our brochure.