Work4Future Workshops on the way!

During the last two months, AVA’s Team are focused on finalisation of the Work4Future project results, namely fine tuning and pilot testing with target group representatives from Bulgaria, the main project outcomes:

Guide on team management – all training modules and activities;

– Guide for coaches – the WebQuests

Work4Future platform structure and functionalities.

It is FREE. Register for the Work4Future Training Course! Right after Free registration into the Platform, you will receive access to the Training Activities organised in 6 chapters:

In order to inform the audience about the objectives and to make project results visible not only to the core target group of SMEs and employees, but also to other organizations which can promote the project within their own networks – universities, science clubs, teachers, trainers, professionals, associations, a couple of multiplier events will be conducted in a hybrid way: in-person and online.

Upcoming events:

September 29th 2023 Work4Future Workshop at the DevFest Plovdiv’23 – AI/ML, Cloud Workshops during the Spinoff Bulgaria conference and online via Google Meet link. Address: Networking Premium Coworking Spaces – Rakovska 25 HQ Str., Sofia, Bulgaria. Start at 4pm. Free entrance.

October 4th 2023, Work4Future project presentation at Round table “Extracurricular activities as a bridge between secondary and higher education”, organised by Club Quant. Address: Technical University Sofia, Plovdiv branch – 25 Tsanko Diustabanov St, Plovdiv. Start at 2pm. Presence: Live event only. Free entrance.

Despite of your role and occupation field, in case you are intersted in the field of how to work remote and stay motivated and who want to know more about Team management, join us at the events! We appreciate your active participation!

The main objectives of the national promotional events are to achieve and cover to some extent the following:

  • to raise awareness and attract attention to the topic of team management, its importance for better competitiveness of the company and how it can be improved with Work4Future Tools; 
  • To enhance participants’ current knowledge on the innovative concepts to acquaint them with techniques and methods that can be later applied and followed; 
  • To familiarize the participants with Work4Future Guide, Guide for coaches and Work4Future platform, and how they can apply them in their work; 
  • To set up contacts with organizations that can ensure multiplication effect and sustainability of the project results on a national level.

Special thanks to who will inspire and suprise our Work4Future guests with nice and delicious catering!

You are all invited! More details:

This international Work4Future project is successfully approved by the European commission, under Erasmus+ program and the access to all project materials is free of charge! These Work4Future workshop events are with FREE admission.

Get in contact with our team for more information details and registration.

Looking forward meeting you at any of the Work4Future Workshops!

Thank you for joining, we value your time, and you are amazing!

2023, AVA’s Team